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Words can never explain but are only an attempt to set a context.


For me, art is about discovery.


Little is clear at the outset of each piece, but a hesitant confidence in the process and a hope that one may touch a rawness with honesty.


I attempt to get to what lies beneath the surface,

what is the essence or the memory of a feeling ?


To what changes and what remains ?


To what it is to be alive ?


The cave wall and the canvas, are a means to fix visions and make discoveries of what lies within, and hopefully make sense of one’s relationship with what exists externally.


The luxury of being an artist is to exist in the moment.

Finding this heightened state of awareness is, in my mind, the job of an artist.


It is not a unique gift, but a possibility, available to us all.


The artist must then listen to that inner voice and try to make clear what was “revealed”, with integrity and without fuss.

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