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From ongoing collaborations, with Gordon Ellis, friend and poet,

the recent work has been set a context for which I am so very grateful.

The  far reaching and profound nature of his work, combined with his instinctive appreciation of my own concerns, has been enormously encouraging and helpful.

A small book will soon be available. "A Common ground".  Where poems and paintings are presented together. for the reader/viewer to add their own creative input.

Moores Nigel _A future we deserve_ DOS 2023.jpg

"For Gordon"

Oil on canvas
100x100 cm


Nature's wild control

Oil on wooden panel

N. Moores. _Nature's wild control _ 2023 Oil on wood 70x100.jpg
N. Moores. _the verge of something else_ 2023 Oil on canvas 70x70 .jpg

Something emerging

Oil on canvas
70x70 cm

Words shatter like shapes

Oil on canvas
50x70 cm

N.Moores _Words shatter like shapes_ OIl 50x70 cms. 2023 jpg.jpg
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