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Statement by Gordon Ellis

The friendship  and consequent collaboration grew naturally out of conversations we had about all manner of topics. What struck me, apart from Gordon's wide ranging interests and knowledge, was his perception  about my work and the connections to a greater whole.

Below I have selected a few lines, from a much fuller piece by Gordon, in order to hint at where we are and what might be to come.


The works that evolved involving sound and images, poetry and painting, open out into a space that is ‘beyond’ in which the viewer can become a participant and a creator in their own right.


There are no ‘things’, there are no substances, nothing permanent or eternal, only movement - an emergence, maintenance and dissolution of temporary coagulations and configurations: the play of energy as colours and sounds that can take shape, become forms, sometimes merely suggested, sometimes apparently stable, sometimes disintegrating: forming and reforming grounded in light, space and movement, not as separate phenomena but aspects of a ground potentiality. There is no other realm or domain, just an opening out onto the present one, whose many facets, indeed indeterminate facets, are never fully revealed, but remain open to apprehension.

So the works here are not representational, nor are they abstract or expressionist, they do not seek to capture appearances, but are at one with the movement of life: emergence, enforming, dissolution. There is no subject matter, rather the expression of life’s flow, movements of energy in colour, shape, and sound with their resonances in the imagination, an integral element in the fundamental processes of creation itself, and their associations as ideas, likewise forming, hinted at, fading and vanishing.

The arising is not random, however, but a movement towards a harmony, a balance, one that can be disrupted or displaced and may be held by the merest thread, retaining a potentiality that has not come to fruition, and whose presence it is possible to experience in all its Variability and vulnerability.   

Gordon Ellis


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